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Wheedlemont Turbine Fund

Administrator (admin) on 06/12/2022

The developers of the wind turbines at Upper Wheedlemont Farm are providing a community fund for the benefit of the villages of Rhynie and Lumsden. A sub-committee has been set up to manage and distribute the funds which will become available to applicants for community projects in the two villages.

A payment for the first year has been received and applications for grants invited. A sum of £9660 was paid to RCT and 8 projects were approved totalling £4670 and were awarded grants. The remaining sum will be carried forward to next year for another round of funding.

Unfortunately, due to miscalculation by the developers we have been overpaid. This will be adjusted over the coming years but it appears to mean that there will be no further payments until probably 2022. A revised projection of income has been provided.

In 2023 the Fund has been operating for 5 years, with £10400 distributed within the Rhynie parish. Approximately £8000 has also been distributed to Lumsden.


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