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Community Options Questionnaire

This is a copy of old survey which we conducted some years ago but the questions will still be relevant. We would like to hear what you would like to see in the village.

If you would like to complete the form we would be pleased to receive your comments as these can help our thinking.

In particular, we are interested to receive any information with regard to the support within the village for a community space or hub. 

Please fill in requested information in text boxes. Tick all check boxes where appropriate for 'yes' or 'no'.

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1. Are you aware that the Community Hall (behind the school) is presently closed following a building inspection which identified a need for significant repairs.?:

2. Would this be an important facility to you and other members of your household?:

3. Do you feel that the closing of the Gordon Arms Hotel was a loss to the Village Community?:

4. Would you like to see a new Community Hub in the Village?:

5. Would you like to see more activities/facilities within Rhynie?:

7. Do you currently travel outwith the village to attend clubs and activities?:

9. Would you be interested in helping with any of the above mentioned activities?:

11. Have you been a member of the RCT in the past?:

12. Would you be interested in joining the RCT?:

13. Would you be interesting in joining the board/ committee of the RCT? :

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