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Local Paths

There are a number of paths which can be walked or cycled from the village. Unfortunately none of these are off-road leaving the village, but are usually on minor roads before joining tracks.

The most well known path is the Tap O Noth path. Details of this and other paths are detailed below.

Just a note that many of these tracks pass through farms or close to farm buildings. The curtilage of property is restricted from access under the Scottish Access legislation but is generally accepted provided it is used responsibly. Please take care in these situations.

Whilst all paths shown have been used by walkers and/or cyclists the condition of the tracks cannot be guaranteed. Users would be responsible for their own safety.
Access to the tracks is available under the Land Reform Act 2003 and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.
None of these paths is sign-posted or way-marked. A map would be advisable to follow the routes.

Paths from the village

Tap O Noth

 A well known track leading to the top of the hill and the Iron Age fort. This path is best accessed from the car park on the Cabrach road. It is a popular and well-used track, leading to wide views across Aberdeenshire.

Druminnor circuit

A loop round to Druminnor Castle and Barflat. A short route of about 6 kilometers.


A route on minor roads and tracks to Kennethmont and back. Approximately 12 kilometers.

Mar's Road to Clatt

A route from the village up to Cairnmore windfarm and on to Clatt. Approximately 15.5km.

Mire of Midgates to Clatt

A longer route to Clatt on to the Correen Hills. Approximately 17.5km.

Rhynie to Wheedlemont

A longer loop past the windfarms at Cairnmore and Wheedlemont. Approximately 12 km.

Rhynie to Craig and Belhinnie

Another long loop past Cairnmore to Craig then to Belhinnie and back to the village. Approximately 17.5km.

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