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Wheedlemont Turbine Fund

As a result of development of the second wind turbine at Wheedlemont the Wheedlemont Turbine Fund has been established for the benefit of local communities and, in particular, of the parishes of Rhynie and Auchindoir & Kearn.

The overall fund will be managed by Huntly & District Development Trust (HDDT) with 25% reserved for the two parishes. The remaining 75% will be used by HDDT for the benefit of the wider AB54 community. It is anticipated that a sum of between £3000 and £4000 annually would be available for distribution within the two parishes.

 A panel has been constituted to manage the distribution, which consists of two representatives from Rhynie and Lumsden each plus a chair person. The funds are expected to become available once a year and applications will be invited when it is received. The first year funding, covering the period up to December 2017, has been received and an invitation to apply will be advertised on 29 March 2019. A period of 6 weeks will be allowed for the receipt of applications.

Grants will be available for each funding round of either a Main Grant of between £500 and £1000 or a Small Grant of between £100 and £500. Application forms and Funding Guidelines can be downloaded here, see below. Applications will be expected to directly benefit the two parishes and to address one or more of the Fund themes: sense of community, enhancing our environment, health and wellbeing, lifelong learning, heritage and the arts.

Applications will be invited for one round of funding per year by advertisement on local notice boards and local press. This will probably be in February with a 6 week period for submission. Completed applications can be sent to:

Wheedlemont Turbine Fund
c/o Braehead, Rhynie, AB54 4LS

or email wtf@rhyniecharitable trust.co.uk


For small grants, the Simplified Form may be used with the same Guidelines.

Application Form 2023   Application Form (Simplified)   Funding Guidelines


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